iOS 8 review

iOS-8-Vs.-iOS-7-Introducing-the-Amazing-Features-of-Apple s-New-iOS-2Apple released its new mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads,
which is iOS 8. You might be surprised by its first look as you will
not see much upgrade but the features included are interesting and
will definitely amaze the Apple users. On the lower side, if you are
using iPhone 4S or iPad 2, you would want to hold off the upgrade as
it has been reported to slow down the device. However, it works good
for iPhone 5 and later devices. The reasons it is not fit for older
devices is that it asks for more screen size and greater processing
power which those devices don’t have. It is always hard to revert to
older versions of OS on older gadgets. Most people are therefore
advising all old iPhone or iPad users not to go for iOS 8 upgrade on
their devices. The update file is quite huge measuring 1.2 gigabyte.
This is really a huge one. The upgrade install takes about half an
hour after which you are able to try the new features in iOS 8. Your
first impression will not be much impressive, as you do not feel any
change. However, when you notice closely, you start noticing new
features in the updated apps and other areas of the phone. If you tap
the home button twice, you will see your recent and favorite contacts
you called. This makes it easier to call them. Inside the camera app,
a timer has been added. Along with that, a native image-editing
feature and a timer for video recording have been added. The messaging
app has been equipped with the option to send voice messages or your
location details to your friends via iMessage.
The messaging app now also suggests the options to respond to received
messages based on the text in them.Another interesting feature is
Handoff. This will be functional after the Mac desktop OS Yosemite is
released later this year. When things are configured properly, you
will be able to start things on a mobile device and would finish them
on a desktop.

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