Iron Ore : Important Ores of Iron

Iron Ore : Important Ores of Iron

Iron is the second most abundant metal after Al. It forms about 4.5% of the earth’s crust.


The important ores of iron are:

I. Hematite, (Fe2O3) It contains about 70% iron.

  1. Magnetite (Fe3O4) It contains about 72% iron.

  2. Siderite (FeCO3) It contains about 48% iron.

  3. Limonite (2Fe2O3.H2O) It contains about 60 % iron.

  4. Iron pyrites (FeS2) This ore occurs as pale yellow crystals and is commonly called fools gold”. It is used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid by contact process.


Hematite deposits are found at Mann Tang, Kohat distrct and Langrial, lama district and in Chitral State. Siderite deposits are found in Kalabagh and Makarwal areas. The reserves of iron ores are estimated about 300,000,000 tonnes in Pakistan.

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