Keyword Selection Strategies : Important Factors for Keywords

keywordss toolsKeyword Optimization: Important Factors for Keywords

Now, as we are familiar with terms related to content and keywords let us now concentrate on factors related to keywords which are important for proper keyword placement in the content of the webpage.

Let us discuss all the factors now,

•    Keyword Prominence : Prominence is a measure of keyword importance that indicates how close your keyword is to the beginning of the analyzed page area (for example: the page title etc. ). If some word is used at the beginning of the title, headings or close to the beginning of the visible text of page area it achieves importance for SE crawler.

100% prominence is given to a keyword or key phrase that appears at the beginning of the analyzed page area. The keyword  or the key phrase in the middle of the analyzed page area will have 50 % prominence.

•    Keyword Weight / Keyword Density : It is the measure of percentage of keywords to the general number of words on a webpage. The results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) are ranked in part based on the percentage of words on a page that are similar to the words used in the query.

When keyword density is artificially inflated, it is called “keyword stuffing” and is considered as spam by all the search engines.

•    Keyword Frequency : It is the number of times our keyword is used in the analyzed area of a webpage. Unlike density it does not depend on total number of words on the webpage.

•    Keyword Proximity : It refers to how close the keywords that make up your key phrase are to each other

The logic of Search Engine is such that if the words follow each other as they are typed in the search box, chances are these words are relevant.

After discussing all the above factors, we should try to include it in real practice and achieve maximum out of the on-page optimization. This will in turn reduce the off-page optimization load.

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