Math Notes: Matrices and Determinants



Addition of Matrices
Scalar Multiplication
Subtraction of Matrices
Multiplication of two Matrices
Determinant of a 2×2 matrix
Singular and non singular Matrices
Adj joint of a 2×2 matrix
Inverse of 2×2 matrix
Solution of simultaneous linear equations by using matrices
Properties of Matrix Addition, Scalar Multiplication and Matrix Multiplication.
(Exercise 3.1),(Exercise 3.2)



Minor and Co factor f an Element of a Matrix or its Determinant
Determinant of a Square Matrix of Order n≥3
Properties of Determinants with help in their Evaluation
Adjoint and Inverse of a Square Matrix of order n≥3
Exercise 3.3
Elementary Row and Column Operations on a Matrix
Echelon and Reduce Echelon form of Matrices
Exercise 3.4
System of Linear Equation
Homogeneous Linear Equation
Non-Homogeneous Linear Equations
Cramer’s Rule
Exercise 3.5

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