MCAT Help – How to Prepare for MCAT (Effective Studying Tips)

Make Diagrammatic Notes

Diagrammatic notes can be a very effective method in your revision.
1. We can summarize the ideas in your own Words, or by condensing them
into a diagram, map or chart.
2. Our brain like to see things in shapes or patterns and We can remember
patterns more easily than abstract entries or designs.
3. Diagrams allow plenty of space for additions at any point, and give an
overall picture of the topic.
4. When Writing in this way, start by placing the main them of the topic at
the center of the page, so that you can then move in any direction.

 Same Technique is used for Vocabulary Learning



Methods of Study

How to Prepare Chemistry

How to Prepare Physics

How to Prepare Biology

How to Prepare English ( Vocabulary & Grammar)

Systematic methods of learning may require more effort and practice in
the beginning but soon they become habitual and effective. A few simple
suggestions may increase the efficiency.
1. Make up a schedule for studying.
2. Set aside a suitable place for your work and begin promptly.
3. Concentrate until you have finished at least one major worth-while task.
4. Keep up your daily assignments.
5. Limit your program and everyday efforts to what you can accomplish. It
is better to learn one or two topics thoroughly than four or five topics
6. Instead of Worrying about examinations and personal problems, keep
yourself busy. Worrying and daydreaming are futile and merely waste of
valuable time. Take constructive action to meet each problem, do your
best, and be contented about your efforts.
7. Concentrate on important points and skim less relevant areas.
8. A quick overview, by skimming rapidly through a chapter, may be highly
desirable before you begin slow-reading.
9. For small quantities of easily assimilated material, try to learn the whole
at one sitting.
10.Sit in a comfortable position, but not so relaxed that you want to doze off.
Relaxation of the body effects the mind.

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Reasons why students fail

Following are some defects.
1. Students cannot write and present an answer correctly.
2. Some do not answer the question asked but the question that they would
like to answer.
3. Many students do not answer the questions in a logical sequence.
4. Some students have the notes which do not cover the questions asked in
the exams.
5. Students ignore time scales.
6. Some students write too much on one aspect and too little on another.
7. Students do not understand the balance between quantity and quality.
8. Students lack self-confidence.
9. Panic is a very destructive state of mind.
10.Students who study from two teachers ( one regular teacher and other
private tutor) get confused.


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