MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) Notes Lecture # 3



  • Disk Duplicator is a device used to copy data of Master drive to Slave drives.
  • Hardware should be same for all computers.
  • We can attach many slave drives with disk duplicator.
  • Functions of Disk Duplicator are Create Partitions

Format Drives

Copy data of Master drive to Slave drives

  • Price of Disk duplicator is almost 1 or 3/2 lac.
  • Disk duplicator is very expensive technique so alternate solution is Norton Ghost or Win Image

Norton Ghost:

  • Norton Ghost is used to Copy data from master drive to slave drive.
  • Main features of Norton Ghost are Disk-to-Disk
  1. Partition-to-Partition Partition-to-Image
  2. Partition-from-Image
  • Two methods of cloning / copying data are Windows Based

DOS Based

 Windows Based:

  • Install Norton Ghost on windows environment.
  • Attach another Hard disk and make it slave.
  • Norton will copy all sectors of master drive with data to slave. This method is called Cloning or Image.

 DOS Based:

  • Insert Bootable CD of Norton Ghost
  • Run Norton Ghost
  • Copy data from master drive to slave drive

 SysPrep (System Preparation) Installation:

  • By using Norton Ghost all computers will have same Name, IP address, Domain so there is a problem in networking environment.
  • SysPrep is provided solution of above problem.
  • “SysPrep” is available in “” file.
  • “SysPrep” will remove System Name, IP address, CD-Key, CID (System Identifier).
  • “SysPrep” file will use on master system
  • Run “SysPrep” file and select “mini setup mode” then click on “OK” button.
  • Window will shut down and start in mini setup mode and write answers of questions.
  • Mini setup mode can remove through making answer file. SysPrep.inf

Copy this file into C:\SysPrep


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