MCSE Notes Lecture # 1: Hardware Requirement for a Network

Method 1 (COM Port to COM Port):

COM Port is also called Serial Port or 9 Pin Male Port

  • Null Modem Cable (Cost is Rs. 200)
  • Data Transmission Speed is 1 Mbps
  • Transmission range is 10-12 feet
  • Lap link software can be used for configuration
  • We should configure one computer as a Host and other as a Guest
  • Data will transmit through one wire out of 9

Method 2 (Parallel Port to Parallel Port):

Parallel Port is also called LPT or Female Port

  • Null Modem Parallel Cable
  • Data Transmission Speed is 8 Mbps
  • Transmission range is 10-12 feet
  • Data will transmit through 8 wires at a time

Method 3 (USB Port to USB Port):

  • USB to USB Cable
  • Data Transmission Speed is 30 MBps
  • Software is available on Internet
  • Two types of USB Port are

USB Port 1 = Less Speed

USB Port 2 = Fast Speed (New P-IV have this Port)

Method 4 (Infrared to Infrared):

  • Used in Laptops or Mobiles
  • Wireless Communication
  • Communication within line of sight
  • Transmission range is 12-15 feet
  • Built-in Software
  • If computer has not Infrared port then Infrared device is used for data communication

Method 5 (Bluetooth to Bluetooth):

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