MCSE Notes Lecture # 2 : Versions & Installation of Windows XP


 Versions of Windows Xp:

  1. Home Edition (for home users)
  2. Professional Edition (for networking environment)
  1. Media Centre Edition


Hardware Requirement (Microsoft Recommended):

ü Processor=P-II
ü RAM=64 MB
ü H.D.D=1.5 GB
Hardware Requirement (Normally Recommended):
ü Processor=P-III (800 MHz)
ü RAM=256 MB
ü H.D.D=10 GB

Installation Types:

  1. CD-Based Attended Installation (Normal Installation)
  1. CD-Based Un-Attended Installation (Installation through answer file)
  1. SysPrep (System Preparation)
  1. RIS (Remote Installation Services)

BIOS (Basic Input / Output System):

  • BIOS are the collection software stored in ROM will run when computer turns on.
  • Normal sizes of BIOS are 256 KB, 512 KB, and 1 MB.
  • BIOS having files / software Post
  • Check all components which are attached to Main Board

Boot Loader

  • Search Operating System from all storage medias (H.D.D, F.D.D, CD-ROM, USB)
  • Copy Operating System from storage media to RAM.

Setup Utility Drivers

PnP (Plug and Play) Tools


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