MCSE Notes Lecture # 2 : Versions & Installation of Windows XP

  • Service Packs are collection of software used to repair / remove errors / bugs from windows operating system.
  • Three Service Packs of windows Xp are Service Pack 1 Service Pack 2 Service Pack 3 (In Progress)

 Pagefile.sys or Virtual Memory or Swap File:

  • When capacity of RAM will full of active programs then there is area on Hard Disk which will act as RAM (use for storage of programs).
  • Page file contains information about RAM.
  • Page file should not be on drive which have operating system

My Computer→ Advanced → Settings → Advanced → Change

Bootable CD: 

When we copied bootable CD to any location then only data portion is copied. If we want to copy Data Portion as well as Boot area then through Nero burning ROM we will create image on bootable CD and copy this image to other CD.

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The person who installs windows or any other software is called “Administrator”. Administrator can be a “Network Administrator” or “Hardware Engineer”







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