MCSE Notes Lecture # 4 : Applying Security to Folders



  • Open Folder Options.
  • Go to View Tag and uncheck “Use Simple File sharing”. Then
  • Go to Folder Properties → Security → Remove all Users → Click on Add → Advanced → Find Now → Add users as per requirement
  • Apply Permissions to users as your requirement.
  • Security window has two parts. ACL(Access Control List)
  • Having user names ACE (Access Control Entry)
  • Having user rights
  • Administrator can view Secret data of any user by getting “Ownership” rights.
  • Only Administrator has right at disk level.
  • Single  head  symbol  represents  “User”  and  Double  head  symbol represents “Group”.
  • Quota is the space allocated by Administrator to users.
  • Quota has two types

1)     Default Quota

2)     User Base Quota

 Default Quota:

  • Equal spaced is allocated by administrator to all users.
  • E: Drive → Properties → Quota
  1.   Enable Quota Management
  2. Deny Disk Space
  • Limit Space → 300 MB , Set Warning → 200 MB

 User Base Quota:

  • Different space is allocated by administrator to all users.
  • E: Drive → Properties → Quota → Quota Entries → Go to User Properties → Limit Space → 300 MB , Set Warning → 200 MB


  • It is software which makes Console (Container or Bags).
  • It has windows management tools also called “Snap-ins”.
  • All Snap-ins are stored in C:\Windows\System 32
  • Snap-ins has extension .msc.
  • Run → MMC → File → Add / Remove Snap-ins → Add → Local User and Groups
  • Save “Snap-Ins” on desktop.


  • Logical division of Hard disk is called “Partition”.
  • Two standards of Partition are
  1. Basic Disk Standard
  1. Dynamic Disk Standard

Basic Disk Standard:

  • This includes FDisk, Disk Manager, Partition Magic, and other such kind of tools.
  • Supports all operating systems (Dos Based, Windows Based)
  • One Disk should be “Primary”, then “Extended” and “Logical Drives” are in Extended.
  • Maximum 4 primary partitions can be created in this standard but normally we create 1 Primary and Remaining space is allocated for extended which is use for making Logical drives.

 Dynamic Disk Standard:

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