MCSE Notes Lecture # 6 : File Sharing and Security



How to Share a Folder:

  • Right click on required folder → Sharing and Security → Share this folder → Share name → ok
  • Shared data can be accessed through
  1.       UNC (Universal Naming Convention) Path
  2.     Network Neighborhood
  3.    Map Network Drive
  • Most common way of accessing shared data is Run → \\

Permission / Security on Folder:

  • We can assign permission to different users.
  • Permissions can be Full Control Change

Read Only

  • Max 10 users can access shared data at a time in windows Xp.
  • In standalone computer “NTFS” will check user permission.
  • In Networking Environment “Network Permission” will be checked then “Local Permission” will be checked.
  • “Network Permission” is “Read-Only” By Default.



  • This tool is used in GUI environment.
  • Built-in tool of win Xp.
  • This tool is used for coping Data and Configuration into USB

Other Partition (D: or E 🙂 Network Computer

  • Normally used when format old system and install new system then first copy data from old computer then paste on new computer.
  • System Tools → File and Setting Transfer Wizard
  • For Win 98, Win 2000

Xp CD → Support → Tools → FASTWIZ

“USMT” (User State Migration Tool):

  • Its function is same like “FASTWIZ”.
  • DOS based program.
  • Not used now a day.

Firewall Tool:

  • Service Pack 2 has three main features Windows Firewall

Wireless Networking

Pop-Up Blocker Internet

  • Firewall is used to block un-wanted Incoming (Inbound) and Outgoing (Outbound) traffic of a computer.
  • Control Panel→ Firewall → General → ON → Ok

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