MCSE Notes Lecture # 6 : File Sharing and Security

  • It is use to view detail of Inbound and Outbound packets.
  • Software’s are Ethereal

Observers IRIS


Advanced → Performance → Settings:

  • Different Setting can be set according to our requirement. Let’s windows choose what’s best for my computer o Adjust for best appearance
  1. o Adjust for best performance
  2. o Custom

Hardware → Device Manager:

Shows the list of all hardware connected with computer.

Hardware → Driver Signing:

  • Microsoft checks drivers of products and grant license to driver creator companies.
  • If some firm doesn’t take license and when we want to install driver of that firm then there is a “Driver Signing” problem.

Hardware → Hardware Profiles:

  • Basically designed for Laptop Computers.
  • We can load Drivers or Services according to our requirement.
  • We can view profiles when Boot / Restart computer.

Automatic Updates:

  • “Vits” service is responsible for automatic updating computer programs from Internet.
  • This process slows down the Internet processing speed so it is recommended that automatic updates should be tern off.

Remote → Remote Assistance:

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