MCSE Notes Lecture # 6 : File Sharing and Security

  • Used to help other user remotely.
  • Both computers should have windows Xp operating system.
  • Can be used both on LAN and WAN.
  • “Remote Assistance Invitation” must be sent for assistant.
  • Check the option

Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer

  • Then click on
  • Start Button → Help and Support → Invite a Friend → Invite Someone to Help You → Advanced → Name, Expiry Time →

Password → Save → Send File (E-mail Attachment, USB, Network)

  • Invitation will have information about IP Address

Username Password

Remote → Remote Desktop:

  • Use to connect with Remote computer’s desktop.
  • Check option

Allow users to Connect Remotely to this computer

  • The click on

Start Button → Programs → Accessories → Communications →

Remote Desktop Connection → Computer → Connect

 Client Operating System:

Client operating system is for users.

 Server Operating System: 

Server operating system provides services for Users / Clients.

Windows Xp Vs Windows 2003 Server:

1Client o/s (Desktop Applications)Server o/s (Background Services)
2Graphical VGA (2D, 3D)Not Good Graphical (2D)
3AudioNot Good for Audio
4Built-in CD Burning s/wNo Software
5Introduce in 2002Introduce in 2003
6Not Very StableVery Stable

Conversion of “Windows 2003 Server” to “Windows Xp”:

If we want to use “Server 2003” just like “Windows Xp” then following changes should be made in Server 2003 environment

Administrative Tools→ Services → Themes → Automatic → Start,then Desktop → Properties → Themes → Windows Xp

Display → Advanced → Hardware Acceleration → Full

Run → DxDiag → Display

Direct Draw Acceleration → Enable Direct3D Acceleration → Enable

AGP Texture Acceleration → Enable

(Direct X Drivers are used for better result of drivers VGA, Sound Card)

Administrator  Tools  →  Services  →  Windows  Audio  →  Enable

Automatic → Start → Ok

Administrative Tools → Services → IMAPI CD Burning → Enable →

Automatic → Start → Ok

System Properties → Advanced → Performance → Settings → Advanced → Application Programs



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