MCSE Notes Lecture # 6 : Network Names


Network Names

Net Bios:

  • Used in LAN.
  • Net Bios is of 13 Characters and Host name is of 65 Characters.


PC1, PC2, Computer 100 (etc.)

  • “Name Resolver” converts “Host name or Net Bios or Computer Name” into IP address by performing following steps.
  1. Check Local name or own name (if not found then next step will be checked)
  1. Check “LMHosts.sam” File (List of important computer names and their IP address).

C:\ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ LMHosts.sam (If not found then next step will be checked)

  1. RAM table (Net Bios Remote Name Cache table) will be checked. We can view this table by following command

Run → cmd → nbtstat –c

Life time of “IP address” in cache table is 600 seconds. If we want to make empty Cache table then following command will be followed

Run → cmd → nbtstat -r

(If not found then next step will be checked

  1. Wins Server will be checked.

TCP/IP → Properties → Advanced → Wins

(If not found then next step will be checked)

5.  Broad cost on Network ( is used for broad cost).


  • FQDN stands for “Fully Qualified Domain Name”
  • Give information about System and Network.
  • Normally used in WAN.


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