Melamine-Formaldehyde Resins: Properties and Applications

Melamine-Formaldehyde Resins: Properties and Applications

1. Melamine resins have better hardness heat resistance and moisture resistance than urea resins but less than phenolic resins.

  1. Melamine resins are widely used for the production of decorative laminates. These laminated sheets are used for counter, cabinet and table tops.

  2. The melamine resins are widely used for adhesives, largely for plywood and furniture.

  3. Melamine resins modify textiles such as cotton and rayon by imparting crease resistance, stiffness, shrinkage control, and fire retardate and water repellency.

  4. Melamine is capable of combining with a wide variety of fillers to extend the range of moulded products: α-Cellulose is used as general purpose filler, cotton fabric or fibrous glass is used to increase the impact strength, asbestos is added to make them heat resistant and mineral fillers for electrical properties.

    1. Melamine is the best choice for impregnated paper used as the top sheet for decorative panels.

    2. Melamine is also used as an adhesive. Although more expensive than urea glites, melamine adhesives have better water resistance.

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