Microsoft (MS) Word :Features & Commands with their functionality

Drop Case (First letter of paragraph will display in large size)

Text Direction (Direction of text can be changed)

Change Case (Text can be changed in Capital, Small, Sentence style,Toggle)

Background (It will change Background color of page)

Theme ( Background style )

Frame ( Used for Web Pages)

AutoFormat (Automatically Formatting of text) Style (Different styles of text can also be applied)


Spelling and Grammar (It will check Spelling and Grammar mistakes)

Language ( Language and words can be changed )

Word Count (It will show the summary of Current Document)

AutoSummarize (This command will generate Summary of documentautomatically)

Auto Correct (Wrong Word will correct automatically)

Track Changes (Highlights the Track Changes in File)

Envelopes and Labels (Prepare a letter cover)

Letter Wizard (Write Letter in different styles)

Macro (Text can be recorded for future use)

Customize (Toolbars can be added and different setting of Toolbarcan be possible)


Draw Table (It will draw Table due to requirement)

Insert (It will insert Table, Columns, Rows, Cells) Delete (Remove Table, Columns, Rows, Cells)

Select (This command will Select Table, Columns, Rows, Cells) Merge Cells (This command will merge selected cells and make asingle cell)

Split Cells (A Cell can be divided in to multiple Columns and Rows) Split Table (A Single Table can be divided into Multiple Tables)

Table AutoFormat (Different Text / Font colors and size can beapplied)

AutoFit (Text will Fit according to column and row height )

Heads Row Repeat (Heading of table will show on first row of everypage)

Convert (Text can be changed into Table and Table can be changedinto Text)

Sort (Text of Table can be Arrange into Ascending or Descendingorder)

Formula ( Different Functions can be Applied to Table Entries) Gridlines (Gridlines are the grey lines which we can see on computerscreen but can’t see in printout)

Table Properties (All Possible Function of table can be edited)


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