Oatmeal Exfoliate Cleanser and Mask For Dry Skin

Oatmeal exfoliates the dead/ dry skin & cleanses the skin, while milk contains lactic acid that brightens as well as softens the skin. For softer skin make a cleanser by mixing oatmeal & milk, apply it over you face & leave it on for 15 mins until the mask dries & rinse off with warm water.

In winter you can add few drops of almond oil for additional nourishment.

oatmeal and milk expholiate cleanser

The exfoliate properties present in oatmeal & milk will soothe a irritated skin & smooth any dry skin so for a simple way to moisturize your skin mix a cup of milk or oatmeal in your bath water.
If your skin feels very dry, make a moisturizing body mask that won’t only exfoliate but also cleanse & moisturize your skin:
* Oatmeal
* Honey
* Milk

oatmeal and milk mask
Grind oatmeal to a grainy consistency, add ground oatmeal, honey & milk together for a thick paste & store it in a jar. While in shower use the natural homemade body mask to exfoliate the whole body & rinse off. The moisturizing body mask will make your skin radiant & more youthful looking.


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