Organofunctional Silanes


The basic structure of organofunctional silanes is: RnSi(OR)4n(with “R” being an alkyl, aryl. or organofunctional group and with “OR” being methoxy, ethpxy, or acctoxy). Industries that use organofunctional silanes include adhesives and sealants. electronics, foundry resins, glass fibers/fabrics, mineral fillers, paints and coatings. pharmaceuticals.. pigments. silicones, textiles, thermosets, wire and cable. The organofunctionality and primary applications ale as follows.


  • Adhesion promoter. coupling agent, and resin additive

  • Improves chemical bonding of resins to inorganic fillers and reinforcing materials

  • Used for epoxies, phenolics, melamines, nylons, PVC, acrylics. poly(olefins), poly( urethanes), and nitrite rubbers

  • Surface pretreatment of fillers and reinforcers


  • Used for free-radical, cross-linked polyester, rubber. noiykolefins). styrenics, and acrylics

  • Used to couple fiberglass to resins

  • Used to copolymerize with ethylene

  • Used to graft to poly(ethylene) for moisture cure


• Adhesion promoter for epbxies, urethanes, and acrylics

  • Surface treatment for fillers and reinforcers.


  • Adhesion promoter and coupling agent

  • Used for free-radical, cross-linked polyester, rubber, poly(olefins). styrenics, and acrylics

  • Used to couple fillers or fiberglass to resins

  • Moisture cross-linking of acrylics


  • Used as coupling agent for inorganic fillers in sulphur-vulcanized rubber mixtures


  • Hydrophobic surface treatment of fillers and inorganic surfaces

  • Silicone synthesis


  • Synthesis of silanes and Silioxanes

  • Hydrophobic surface treatment

  • hydrophobic additive to other silane coupling agents

  • Thermal stability additive to other silanes.

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