Properties of Amino Resins / Urea-formaldehyde Resins

Properties of Amino Resins / Urea-formaldehyde Resins

  1. These resins are clear and colourless, so that objects of light or pasted colour can be produced.

  2. Urea formaldehyde resins are used as fillers.

  3. Urea formaldehyde resins are more beneficial because of their colour ability, solvent and grease resistance, surface hardness, mar resistance, the urea resins are widely used for cosmetic container closures, appliance housings and store hardware.

  4. Urea formaldehyde resins are widely used for adhesives, largely for play wood and furniture

  5. The urea based enamels are used refrigerator and kitchen appliances.

  6. Urea formaldehyde resins are preferable on phenolic resins due to following reasons. Three theories are put forward,

(i)                   The urea molecules, somewhat smaller in size than phenolic and is capable of penetrating into the cellulose structure through pore spaces.

(ii)                 The water soluble urea may be carried through the cell wall by capillary action.

(iii)               A direct chemical attraction occurs between substituents.

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