Quality Link Building Strategies 2014

 What is Link Building? Effective Strategies & Tips

Quality Link Building Strategies 2014Link Building Strategies 

Now let us discuss the strategies which we can use for link building:

• Link Submissions : Link submission refers to submitting the url of the web page to other websites, through which we can get the backlinks. Here we will first discuss about link submissions to search engines.

Submitting to Google: Google’s web submission interface is currently located at http://www.google.com/addurl/

Here we can submit the homepage url and one or two other url’s within our domain. We really do not need to submit more than this.

If we have a brand new website, it will probably take about a month before Google lists the web pages.

Submitting to Yahoo! : Yahoo’s web submission interface is located at http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html

Submitting to LiveSearch :  LiveSearch’s web submission interface is located at http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx

Now after submitting the url to the search engines, we now move towards various directories for link submissions. When we discuss directories, they are directories which are manually looked after by various human auditors which checks the genuineness of the webpage submitted and then accordingly provides the backlinks.

There are various directory websites like www.directorycritic.com, www.vmoptions.com. These websites have database of thousands of free directory websites of various PR (page rank). All we need for link submissions are the following details, email address, name of the person, title of the webpage, description of the webpage, meta keywords and meta description and most important to know the category of the webpage.

Category plays a very important role in link submissions into directory, because if the link is not submitted to appropriate category, the chance of the human editors of rejecting the link submission increases.

For example, the ABC Pharmaceuticals website’s category can be either Business>Health or Health>Alternative Medicine etc. It should always fall into a relevant category.

Remember, we should not over do the link submission, otherwise search engine may consider it as spam. So keep the target as maximum 25-30 link submissions in a day and always try not to use same titles and description everyday.

  • Link exchange (reciprocal link) is also another option where we agree to give a link from our webpage to other relevant webpage and obtain one link from them in return, but our aim should be to minimize the outbound links and increase the inlinks from other webpages.

• Article Submissions: This is yet another method of building backlinks for the webpage. We can have upto three relevant articles written on the topics about our keywords and then submit to various free article submission directories available on the websites mentioned above.

We can submit articles to over 100 directories and increase the number of inlinks as well as traffic to the website. Articles are considered to be a useful source of information and search engines considers links from article websites as genuine and allots them higher index.

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