Ring or Token Topology : Advantages and Disadvantages

Ring or Token Topology  Advantages and DisadvantagesRing Topology:

  • Its shape is just like a ring.
  • Also called Token Ring Topology.
  • Connects the nodes (computers) in a circular Chain.
  • Point-to-point Communication only with two devices on either side of it.
  • A signal or Token is passed along the ring in the direction (Anti Clock Wise), from device to device, until it reaches its required destination.
  • Better Performance than Bus Topology but less effective than Star Topology.
  • Not very common used for large networks.

Advantages are

  1. Adding additional nodes is easy.
  2. All computers have equal access on network.

Disadvantages are

  1. Difficult to configure
  2. If Cable breaks, then whole Network will goes down.
  3. If any link goes down, then network will also goes down.
  4. Only one medium for Data Transmission so Transmission Speed is very slow.

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