Sentence Completion Practice Test – 07 with Answers

1. Read the sentence carefully. Try to understand what it means. 2. Consider the blank or blanks with relation to the meaning of the sentence. ls a negative connotation called for or a positive one? If there are two blanks, should the pair be comparative, contrasting, or complementary. Are you looking for a term that best defines a phrase in the sentence? 3. Eliminate those answer choices that do not meet the criteria you established in step two. 4. Read the sentence to yourself, trying out each of the remaining choices, one by one. Which choice is the most exact, appropriate, or likely considering the information given in the sentence? Which of the choices does the best job of completing the sentence? 5. First answer the questions you find easy. If you have trouble with a question, leave it and go back to it later. If a fresh look does not help you to come up with a sure answer make an educated guess.

tst 7


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