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Off-Page-SEOOff Page Optimization Tutorial


Even though we say, on-page is 25 % and off-page is 75% of SEO, but both the factors have to be given equal importance otherwise we will not achieve the complete optimization and the results also will be temporary rather than permanent.

Generally off-page SEO is done for two reasons, firstly to increase the number of backlinks which point to our web page and second reason is for traffic generation. Both link building and traffic generation are very important for obtaining top results in Search Engines.

Now let us discuss the above two factors in detail,

Factors for off-page SEO

Link building and Traffic building hold a very important place in SEO. They are actually the backbone of SEO. Link building and traffic generation both indicates to search engine crawlers that the website is genuine and has relevant content related to keywords.

• Link Building: Now, when we discuss link building, it is not just obtaining a link from any web page, we have to obtain link for genuine websites having related data.

When we are doing link building for ABC Pharmaceuticals, link building should concentrate on obtaining links from other pharmaceutical related websites, directories with relevant category etc.

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Link Building Strategies 

• Traffic Building: If we have a website and find out that there is no sufficient traffic coming in than it will be of no use. Similarly when search engine crawler analyses that there is no sufficient amount of traffic on the webpage, it will give it a rather poor index. But when the traffic on the website is on the higher side, it makes search engine crawler believe that the website is genuine and informative.

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Traffic Building Strategies 


Social Media Optimization (SMO) 

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