Star Topology : Advantages and Disadvantages

Star Topology  Advantages and DisadvantagesStar Topology:

  • Most common use now a day.
  • Point-to-Point or Uni-cost Communication.
  • Security of data.
  • All Computers will be connected to a Central controller, usually called a HUB or Switch.
  • Central device (Switch or HUB) has addresses of all computers connected to it.
  • If one device wants to send the data to another, it sends the data to the controller, which then relays the data to other connected devices.

Advantages are

  1. o       Fast Communication Speed as compared to Bus Topology.
  2. o       Easy to install and wire.
  3. o       If one computer fails, no effect on network.
  4. o       Easy to detect and remove faults.

Disadvantages are

  1. o       High installation cost as compared to Bus Topology.
  2. o  If central device fails then entire network will goes down.

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