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Guess 2nd Year English New

Q.Write an essay on the topic “My Hobby” “Co-Education”. “My Favorite Personality” “A Picnic” “My Neighbors” “My First Day at College” Q. Most Important Questions Q. Important Synonym/Vocabulary Q. Use any FIVE of the following idioms in sentences of your own. (i) Take into account (ii) Through thick and thin (iii) Live from hand to mouth (iv) Die in harness (v) Broken ...

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2nd Year English Notes Important Synonym/Vocabulary

2nd Year English  Notes Very Easy and Simple: Important Synonyms to Get Through /Pass Annual Exams ( Guess) 1. Each star makes its voyage in complete loneliness. (a) Journey (b) Restlesness (c) Address (d) Satisfaction 2. The universe earth gave birth to life. (a) Produce (b) Get (c) Achieve (d) Acquire 3. It is important to remember the rarity of ...

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