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Information Systems Development

  An Information System Collects, Maintains, and Provides information to people. Today, many information systems are computerized. Information systems are design for those people who have very little knowledge of information technology. The five phases of information system development are System Analysis System Design System Development System Implementation System Maintenance System Analysis: o The person who does analysis is called an ...

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Loops in C Programming

LOOP:  A statement or a set of statements that is executed repeatedly is called a loop.  Loop is executed until the given condition remains true.  Three loops in C are While Loop Do-While Loop For Loop While Loop:  Used to execute a statement or set of statements as long as the given condition remains true.  Syntax ...

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Fundamentals of C Programming / C Language

FUNDAMENTALS OF C LANGUAGE KEYWORDS OR RESERVED WORDS: Words that are used for Special purpose by the language. These are always written in lowercase. These have predefined uses and can’t be used for any other purpose in C Language. C has 32 Keywords (e.g.) Main (Indicate Main( ) function, we can’t use main for any other purpose). CONSTANTS: Constants are ...

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Basic Structure of C Program

  BASIC STRUCTURE OF C PROGRAM: Writing style of a program is called Structure of program. C Program has 3 main parts Processor Directives The Main( ) Function C Statements Example: # include <stdio.h> Processor Directive main( ) Header { File printf (“First Program”); Main Function C Statement getche( ); }   Processors Directives: Instructions given to Compiler before actual program ...

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A Brief History of C Language

       HISTORY OF C LANGUAGE: C language combines some features of Assembly language and some features of High Level Language. C language was developed in early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories. Designed for UNIX Operating Systems but very widely use now a day. In 1980s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) introduced the standard version of “C” ...

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Introduction to C Language

 LANGUAGE: Language is used for communication. For communication with computer we need some languages are called Computer languages or Programming languages.  COMPUTER PROGRAM: Set of instructions given to computer to perform a task is called computer program. Instructions are written according to some rules are called computer language or Programming Languages.  TYPES OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Three main types are Machine ...

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