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گھر میں سکن پالش کا طریقہ Homemade Skin Polish Method in Urdu

سب سے پہلے کلینزنگ ملک سے مساج  کر لیں  پھر درج ذیل اشیا کو ملا کر پالش  بنائیں سوکھا دودھ ١ چمچ شہد ١ چمچ  لیموں یا سیب کا سرکہ ١ ٹی سپون  ہلدی ١ چٹکی یا بلیچ پوڈر ١ چمچ اکسیڈزنگ ١ بڑا چمچ عرق گلاب ١ چمچ سوتھنگ لوشن ١ چمچ ان تمام اشیا کو ملا کر ٥ ...

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Homemade Healthy Facial Cleanser & Face Wash

Apple cider vinegar has antiseptic & antibacterial properties which helps in defending your skin. It is rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids that helps to lighten sun & age spots, treat acne & helps minimize the appearance of pores. Apple cider vinegar also helps remove dead skin cells & reveal a healthier, more youthful looking & smoother skin. You will ...

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Pomegranate Face Pack for Anti Aging Healthy Skin

Pomegranate face pack for Anti Aging Healthy Skin Pomegranate has anti-aging and antioxidant properties. It is a rich source of vitamin C. Make a face pack of pomegranate and honey for sparkling glowing smooth beautiful skin.

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Skin Glowing Face Pack

Sandalwood Powder and Rose Water Face Pack: Sandalwood is known as enchanted element for healthy skin. Since old times, sandalwood has been utilized as a part of magnificence medications. It is monstrously cooling and contains cancer prevention agents, calming executors. Sandalwood enhances blood flow. It deals with a ton of skin issues including pimple inflammation, dry skin. For glowing skin, make a face ...

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Skin Whitening Green Gram, Turmeric, and Rice Powder Face Pack

Green Gram, Turmeric, and Rice Powder Face Pack This face pack sheds dead skin cells and lights up skin composition. Green gram has vitamin A, C, and so on. It additionally polishes skin. The turmeric lightens skin tone and clears tan. Take 2 tbsp of green gram powder (dry it under the sun initial), 1/2 tbsp of turmeric, and 1 ...

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