Title Tag :10 Tips for Creating an Optimized Title

Title Tag 10 Tips for Creating an Optimized TitleTitle : How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important factor that a search engine crawler considers is the title of the webpage. We should always use our primary keywords in the title tag atleast once. The keywords should be placed at the start of the title.

10 Tips for Title Tag Optimization

Following are 10 tips that will help us creating a optimized title:-

• Try working with one important primary keyword phrase up front and another secondary phrase to the rear of the title.
• When working with keyword phrase, get it positioned up front so that as we build a sentence, it still reads well.
• Try writing the title to make a “thought provoking” statement.
• Try writing the title so that, it asks “thought provoking” question.
• Try writing a title so that it reveals a hidden truth or misconception.
• While in creative mode, keep in mind what our target audience really wants.
• Always build honest titles related to the webpage.
• Avoid keyword stuffing or stacking the title full of multiple phrases that do not convey an intelligent message.
• Avoid including a lot of capitals or special characters in the title.
• Do not get hung up on title length. The simplest rule is to keep title under 59 characters.

Following all the above tips together in building title is not possible all the times, but we should try to follow most of the tips and get the most optimized title.

For example, ABC pharmaceuticals webpage can have title as “Safe herbal products to cure  joint pain by ABC Pharmaceuticals”

One extra tip: Try to include company name in the title.

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