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Now let us discuss various strategies we can use for bringing in relevant niche traffic to our webpages,

• Social Bookmarking : We all bookmark our favorite web pages or some important links which we want to again refer in future by using the option of bookmark on the menu bar of the browser window. These bookmarks remain on our personal computer.

What is social bookmarking? It is similar to the bookmarking we use to do, but the only difference here is that we can now share our bookmarks with other people in our network.

There are various social bookmarking websites such as digg, delicious, mister-wong, faves, blinklist etc. There are hundreds of social bookmarking websites over the internet. But just having an account on these websites is of no use if we want to do social bookmarking, we should have relevant people related to our topic in our network so that when we social bookmark our webpages, it will be noticed by them and in turn they will visit the webpage and increase the number of visitors.

For Social bookmarking, another important factor is the tags (keywords) we must include all possible tags through which our bookmark appear on the results of the social bookmarking websites.

Social bookmarking is also an important tool for faster indexing of website content, as search engine frequently crawls content of the social bookmarking websites. These websites are also helpful in increasing the backlinks for the webpage.

• Blogs: Blogging is another important tool for bringing in relevant visitors to the webpage. Having a blog with high viewership can really boost the traffic building campaign.

Blogs generally are the place where various people talk about various topics. To achieve recognition amongst so many bloggers, we should have a very good content for the web surfers to read on. We can then start providing links to our webpages through our blogs and make our blog as a gateway to the webpage we want to optimize.

It is not necessary to have blogs on all blog websites, having two to three blog accounts in enough as far as we have strong content to put up.

Always remember even to social bookmark our blogs so that they are also indexed quickly and also increase traffic for the blogs.

Blog address should also be relevant to our keywords so that it could get better index for the relevant content and better index from the search engine.

• Press Releases: This is the best way to bring in quality visitors to the website as well as obtaining quality backliniks. Press release websites are of top most importance to search engines as they are indexed very quickly due to display of news and once it is approved by the editors the press release is considered to be of high quality and the viewership on the press release websites is also very high.

When we have news related to the keywords, we must prepare a very good press release, it should not look like an advertisement at all.

Even here we have to keep in mind about the tags for the press release so that it appears in the search of the press release website. Social bookmark all the press release so that it gets maximum exposure and brings in loads of traffic to the webpage.

• Blog Answering: If you are not famous on blog sites and you do not have much viewership on your blogs, try the other way around. Blog Answering refers to replying to posts of other people on related topics.

When there is a blog posted on topic related to our keywords, try to reply or comment on that blog. We can include links to our webpage in the comments and expect visitors to visit our webpage through that.

Even though it does not provides backlink, but it will certainly prove to be a gateway to the webpage and increase the traffic. We can answer to as many blogs we want, but we should keep in mind that we comment in a sensible way and post relevant comments.

• Yahoo Answers: This is yet another technique of reaching to people and providing them our webpage’s link. A yahoo answer is the most popular web portal where people write their queries on various topics.

All we got to do here is search for questions related to our keywords and our website’s content and answer them appropriately. At the end do not forget to mention the webpage’s link as more information page.

For example, when we optimize for ABC Pharmaceuticals’ website, lookout for questions posted under health or alternative medicine section.

• Forums: It is a web portal where various people come and discuss on various topics. As wee comment in blogs, we can similarly comment for forums also on relevant topics.

But then what is the difference? It is the forum signature. Forums provide its users an option of signature. When we register as user on any forum, it asks for the signature, similar to what we have on our email. We can include the webpage’s link on our signature, so that everytime we write or comment on some topic our signature is included and as a result we are displaying the webpage’s address.

So it provides backlinks as well as traffic gateway to the website.

Why to register on as many topic-related forums and make yourself popular on those forums by sensible comments so that all your posts get importance and your links are visited more.

• Squidoo Lens Creation and Hub Pages Creation: We can consider squidoo lens’ and hub pages’ as our micro sites. Squidoo Lens ( and Hub Pages ( are websites which provides with options of adding various modules on the topic we wish to add content on.

They have modules like text modules, image modules, shopping modules, polls modules, comments modules, links modules etc. Here we can first choose the address for our page (eg. -products). After getting relevant address we start filling in each module and write content in such a manner that it attracts the readers to view our website.

These squidoo and hubpages are very popular amongst the web surfers and we can use its popularity for increasing our website’s traffic.

All the above methods will be beneficial if performed dedicatedly and with experience we can master this art of traffic building.

• Social Media Optimization (SMO) : Social websites like facebook, twitter, orkut, hi5 etc are becoming more and more popular day-by-day.  These websites can be of great use to increase the traffic on our webpages.

First thing to concentrate on SMO is to try and increase our network of relevant people by sensing them invitations and socializing with them through comments or profile status etc.

Once our network is build, then we can try giving out links of our webpages or write some content in our posts and ask our network to visit and check it out.

SMO has become a very important tool in Online Marketing. More and more companies are getting their profiles uploaded on various social networking websites. We can join various groups and communities on these websites and get target audience visit our webpages and increase the number of conversions.


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