Typical Nitrogenous Fertilizers & Their Importance

Typical Nitrogenous Fertilizers & Their Importance

Most of the Nitrogenous fertilizers are synthetic products obtained by neutralizing acids with alkalis. In these fertilizers Nitrogen is present either as ammonium ions (NH4+), amide ions (NH2-), or nitrate ions (NO3-). All the nitrogenous fertilizers are soluble in water and are readily available to plants. These fertilizers are important because:

  1. These fertilizers supply nitrogen to the plants or soil.

  2. Nitrogen.

Typical nitrogenous fertilizers are

1. Ammonia (82% N)                              2. Urea           (46%N)

  1. Ammonium Nitrate (33%N)          4. Ammonium Sulphate (21%N)

5. Ammoniurn Chloride (26%N)                    6. Ammonium Sulphur Nitrate (26%N)

7. Calcium ammonium Nitrate (26%N)

8. Mono Ammonium Phosphate (11%N)

9. Nitro phosphate (20%N)

10. Diammonium Phosphate (16%N)

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