Use Forums to Drive Targeted & Unlimited Traffic to Your Site

Steps for Working with Forums to Drive Targeted & Unlimited Traffic to Your Site:

1. Find aforum related to your website.
2. Check if there’s recent activity on the forum, if links are allowed or not, if a signature can be
added or profile links.
3. Delete browser history and clean cookies, close browser, use a VPN service and create an e-
mail address, open account on the forum.
4. Create a status on the forum (become an credible user) – answer to some posts, comments
should be between 100-200 words. Comment 5-10 times.
5. Update profile info. *Do not post domain/website*. Write 2-3 posts per day.
6. Try posting a link in one of your posts – a link to a well known gambling provider (william hill or
bet365) – because it will not/should not be considered suspicious ( This types of posts are called
“cosmetic posts”).
7. After one week on a forum, a user should have 15-20 posts, now it is time to start own thread:
example”best bookie in Romania”.
8. Now it’s time to advertise your website. Look for a thread where you can write an answer, not
a completely perfect answer (perfect spelling and so on, and place a link to your website. The
link should be placed among other links, it should also include some other sites – let’s say two
other bog links.


1. Do not advertise more than once for the same website.
2. Do not include YOUR site in your profile signature.
3. After a few posts – advertise for some other websites.
4. Do not create more than one user per month for the same forum.
5. When changing users, clean cookies, cache, change browsers, use VPN.


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