What are Meta Tags – 5 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have

What are Meta Tags and How important are meta tags ?

What are Meta Tags & How to Use Meta Tags in Website or Web PageMeta Tags 

First let us understand what is “metadata”. Metadata is data about data. It is the additional information about the displayed data like, author name, region, keywords description etc. Webpages makes use of metadata in the form of meta tags. Meta tags are generally found in the head section of the webpage. The content of the meta tags is not visible on the webpage. Meta tags are actually for the search engine spiders to have more information about the web page.


Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have
The important meta tags that should be present on the webpage are as follows

• Meta Description Tag: This tag will contain information about what your webpage is all about. A description of about 25-30 words is fine. Keywords and key phrases must be included.

• Meta Keywords Tag: This tag contains the keywords for your webpage. The best way to handle this Meta tag is to use your main keyword phrase, a secondary keyword phrase and a few synonyms of your keyword phrase.

• Meta Classification Tag: This tag is basically to classify the webpage, all the important categories (generally different keywords are included here)

• Meta Robots Tag : This tag is meant for users who cannot upload or control the robots.txt file (explained later). This tag gives direction to search engine crawler of what files to crawl and follow the links on the webpage.

• Meta Alexa Tag : This tag is for improving the alexa rank of the website.

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