What is Microsoft Windows? Features of a Microsoft Windows Operating System

What is Microsoft Windows?
What is Microsoft Windows Features of a Microsoft Windows Operating System


  •  Most Common used now a day.
  •  Apple Computers introduced first GUI in 1984.
  •  Windows is the most common GUI Operating System developed by Microsoft (Ms).
  •  Advantages are
  1. User Friendly Multi-Tasking
  2. Easy to learn and handle
  3. No need to Remember Commands
  •  A GUI have
  1. Desktop Icons
  2. Taskbar and Start Button Menus
  3. Dialog Boxes
  4. Program Running in Windows


Operating System components are

  1. Desktop
  2. Taskbar
  3. Windows
  4. My Computer
  5. Recycle Bin
  6. My Documents
  7. Control Panel


  • After booting the very first screen from where user can perform their
  • required task is called desktop.
  •  By using desktop we can use every Program / Software installed in computer.
  •  Desktop has
  1. Folder Icons
  2. Program Icons (Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Paint) Document Icons
  3. Special Icons (My Computer, Recycle Bin)


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