What is Microsoft Windows? Features of a Microsoft Windows Operating System

  •  To create, Send, and receive e-mail you need an e-mail program and Internet connection through LAN or ISP.
  •  E-mail is very popular communication tool used to share information among users on internet.
  •  You can also attach some file with text message.
  •  You must have a unique E-mail address for Send and Receive E-mail.
  •  User must Enter Username and Password to use E-Mail options.
  •  When you want to send an E-mail to someone you just write E-mail address of that person or organization.
  • (i.e.) rcccbest@yahoo.com
  •  Popular Search Engines are
  •  www.Yahoo.com
  •  www.Hotmail.com
  •  www.Google.com
  •  www.Altavista.com (etc.)
  •  When we will send E-mail it will store on Mail Server until the required person can receive it.
  •  Many Mail Servers use POP (Post Office Protocol) and are called POP Servers.
  •  Popular E-mail programs are Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express Eudora Yahoo Hotmail (etc.)


  •  Popular way to communicate with other users in the immediate present.
  •  Peoples join channels to talk publicly or privately.
  •  Channels are discussion groups where chat users convene to discuss a topic.
  •  Before chatting you should know E-mail address of other person.
  •  Chat can be
  1. o Voice Chat
  2. o Chat through typing text from keyboard


  •  WWW or just Web was created in 1989.
  •  “HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)” with embed “Hyperlinks” is used to create Webpage.
  •  Collection of related WebPages called “Web Site”.
  •  Web Sites are housed / Stored on Web Servers.
  •  Copying a page onto a Web server is called “Posting a page or Uploading”.
  •  Copying a page from web server to client (our Computer) is called “Downloading”.
  •  World Wide Web includes

Web Browsers:

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