What is Microsoft Windows? Features of a Microsoft Windows Operating System

  •  Web browsers or Internet browsers are used to access Internet.
  •  A browser includes E-mail features, Newsreaders and tools for Downloads files.
  •  Two most popular Web Browsers are
  •  Internet Explorer
  •  Netscape Navigator.

HTML Tags:

To format a Webpage HTML Tags are used. Tags which are enclosed in angle brackets <> tell the browser how to display elements on the page. Elements are written between starting and closing tags.
(i.e.) <H1> First Web Page </H1>
After Creation of Web Page the file must be saved with the extension of “HTML”.This file will be run on Browser.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol):

The internal structure of World Wide Web is built on a set of rules called HTTP.
HTTP uses internet addresses in special format called URL.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator):

Specifies the type of server in which the file is located, address of the server and path of the required File / Web Page.
(i.e.) http://www.pu.edu.pk /results

Home Pages:

Personalized Home Page (Which page you want to see?)

Web Site Home Page (Primary Page or First Page or Main Page of a Web Site is called Web Site Home Page).

Search Engine:

These are web sites helps you to find your desired information.

(i.e.) If you want to find information about Flowers. It will provide you a list of web sites which will all contains information about our required topic.


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