What is Microsoft Windows? Features of a Microsoft Windows Operating System

You can enter the required URL into address bar of the browser or you can access a web page by clicking on link.

Clicking Links:

  •  Every page on a web site has many links which are connected with specified pages or topics.
  •  If you want to return previous page just click on “Back” button.
  •  After you have used a link, it changes color.

Home Button:

It takes you back to the very first page of site.

Back and Forward Buttons:

“Back” displays the last viewed page and “Forward” displays the next page.

Refresh Button:

“Refresh” button send a request to the ISP server for required link.

Stop Button:

“Stop” Button aborts the current transfer of information from the ISP to your computer.


  •  There are millions of sites on the web, so it’s very difficult to find your required site.
  •  Search Engines are designed to help the users to find their required site or topics.
  •  You just enter word related to your required stuff and click on button labeled “Search”, “Go Get It” or “Seek”.
  •  Popular search engines are Alta Vista
  1. Excite
  2. Yahoo
  3. Google (etc.)


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