What is Network? Concept & Types of Computer Networks

There are two types of network.

  1. Dedicated server network or client server network.
  2. Peer-to-Peer network.

Dedicated server network:

  • Normally used in both in LAN and WAN.
  • There is a server with many clients.
  • Server can provide
  1. o  File sharing
  2. o  Printer sharing
  3. o  Application sharing
  4. o Access to the internet
  5. o Security

Peer-to-Peer network:

  • Normally used in LAN.
  • Also called workgroup.
  • No central computer (Server).
  • All computers are having equal functionality.
  • A single computer will be server when it will serve to other Computers, and become a client when request for resources to Other.

Networking Software:

  • Software, which provide feature for communication.
  • These software’s are also called networking operating system (NOS).
  • Examples are WIN XP, WIN 2000, LINUX, and UNIX etc.

Workgroup Computing and Groupware:

  • A workgroup is a collection of individuals working in a task.
  • They can send e-mail to each other’s, shared data and schedule meetings.
  • Groupware is software that supports work group computing.


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