What is Windows 2000? Introducing Microsoft Windows 2000

Introducing Microsoft Windows 2000Introducing Microsoft Windows 2000

Operating System:

  •  Collection of operative programs whose purpose is to make the use of computer more effective.
  •  It controls all activities (Hardware and Software) of computer.
  •  Without system software it’s impossible to operate computer.
  •  It deals with computer hardware.
  •  Enables to start computer.
  •  Provides CPU, memory, storage, data, networking, and input / output devices management.
  • Examples: Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows NT, UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows

Vista, Linux, Servers (etc)

  •  Operating System or System Software has two types. Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Windows Command Line Interface (CLI) or DOS

Introduction to Windows 2000:

  • o Windows is the product of Microsoft (Ms).
  • o Windows is the interface between Hardware and Application software. o Windows 2000 is also called NT 5.0.
  • o Microsoft officially launches it in 2000.
  • o Having both Server (Windows 2000 Server) and Client (Windows 2000 Professional) side operating systems.
  • o Normally used in network environment.
  • o Very powerful and popular than previous operating systems.
  • o Like Windows 98 it has Internet Explorer 4.0 into the operating system.

Main feature are: 

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