Write application to the News Editor about load shedding of light & gas

Write the application to the News Editor about load shedding of light and gas.
The Editor,
The ‘Nation’,
Through the columns of your newspaper I wish to bring to the notice of the government and experts the year problems the people have faced earlier on account of load shedding of light and gas.

(a) Students arc greatly disturbed by the load shedding of electricity during their study hours.Educational standards are already low, and load shedding is further bringing them down.

(b) Factories cannot work for long hours because of the Load-shedding of electricity and gas.The production of goods in badly affected. This results in unemployment and shortage of goods in markets and rising prices.

I propose the construction of new dams across rivers so that more water is available for irrigation and for the production of cheap electricity with water energy. More thermal power stations, where electricity may be produced with coal energy, may be set up. Further more gas field should be developed for the supply of gas all the time.
l hope that the government and technical and scientific experts will take all possible steps to improve the production and distribution of electricity and gas.

Yours truely,



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